In a fairground in the middle of Paris, you tried to prove me your manliness, by winning me a teddy bear...

On Friday I wanted to visit my friend Rachel in her new house. But since it looked quite grey and rainy in the morning, we decided to drive over to France instead. Funnily enough, as soon as we crossed the border, the sky turned blue and the sun came out.

Colmar is a pretty little town just a few minutes away from my home. It's also the hometown of the guy who designed the Statue of Liberty. There's a smaller version of it in the middle of Colmar somewhere. But we didn't find it. Instead we looked at pretty houses.

When we were a bit tired from all the looking and shopping, we sat down and had some ice cold coke. 

And then back to looking at more pretty houses.

After a while, we got terribly hungry and decided to buy groceries at a French supermarket (Big mistake. We spent a buttload of money...). On our way back to Germany, we stopped at the Rhine to have a picknick with all the food we just bought. 

This was our view. We sat in France, ate cheese and waved over to Germany.

Here's me. Hey there!

And when we had eaten up and gotten over our food coma, we drove back home. Fun Friday!

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