Find the biggest bitch in town and start a band with her.

 Having been born in 1986, I was really too young when the whole grunge thing went down in the early 90s. Apart from that Kurt Cobain black and white poster at my best friends brothers door, I knew nothing about the entire thing. And I had absolutely no idea who Kathleen Hanna was. Until I discovered a brilliant documentary called "The Punk Singer" a few weeks ago.

It centers around Kathleen Hanna, a punk singer and front woman of the Riot Grrrl movement as well as her own bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. Being a strident feminist and lover of tough guitar music, I watched the whole thing in a daze and afterwards I seriously considered getting a riot grrrl tattoo (and I don't even like punk music!). I never really warmed up to Courtney Love for many reasons, and I was young enough to really dig the entire sugary-sweet-pop Spice Girls thing (even though, as a chubby ginger girl, I always had to be Geri Halliwell when acting out music videos with my friends...). But this riot grrrl thing, it's a whole new world to me. And I love it!

I seriously suggest that you all go and watch this beautiful piece of music documentary right now. It's about a deep passion for love, a smart and tough and lovely woman who's also a strident feminist and it's about a movement that looks like it was a lot of fun.

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