Documentaries you must watch - Part 3

Here we go again, the crazy nerd lady tells you a lot about some documentaries that will apparently "change your life" and then refers to these documentaries in every other blog post. But the thing is: These documentaries will change your life a little bit. Or at least keep you massively entertained for a few hours. So don't act like a sissy and go and watch some smart television! Come on, off you pop!


What is it about whales and dolphins that makes me want to cry my head off?! I wept through the entire thing, but it's definitely a brilliant documentary that I would absolutely recommend. Please go and watch it and then we can all go and set Seaworld on fire or something...

Sound it out

Funny and smart documentary about an independent record shop. It's everything the "High Fidelity" movie wasn't. Brilliant.

The Imposter

You like to shit your pants whilst watching films? Boy, do I have the thing for you! I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I watched this documentary about a child that disappears from Texas in the nineties and is found a few years later somewhere in Spain. Holy Moses, this one is more like a thriller - only it's all real, which makes it so much more creepy...


Haven't actually seen this one, but man alive does this look intriguing! Scandals, sex and violence. Woot woot, what more does a documentary need?!

Jesus Camp

Another one I haven't yet seen. Looks really intriguing as well. Religious fanatism is amongst the creepiest things I know, so this will be one of these films that you can only watch with a lot of wine...

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