And here we have plan A.

Last New Year's Eve, I ate 12 grapes at midnight and made 12 wishes for 2014. One for each month. One of them was to finally, finally get a job that I would love to do. A job I would love to get up for in the mornings, colleagues to gossip with, a purpose for my everyday life. Don't get me wrong: Pissing around like I'm still a student is great fun, but after all - there's bills to be paid and I am (unfortunately) no longer 23. I'm 27 now and supposed to grow up at some point (yeah right, like that's about to happen any time soon...).

It's almost half-time for this year. And so far, not that many things of my list have actually come true. But one (major) wish is ready to be crossed off that list. Because, I can now officially announce that I have a job. And even though all my colleagues will laugh and cough and grimace at this next sentence: It's an awesome job!

As of the June 1st, I'll be a trainee at a local radio and tv station. Which is awesome, because being a journalist is the best possible thing anyone could ever be. I tried the whole PR-thing and I wondered what my ideal profession would be, and even though I pushed the answer "journalism" away a lot during the past five years, it's always been there. It's like falling in love with the guy that's always around and you never take any notice and then that guy turns out to be the prince in shining armour that you have been waiting for all your life. (Wasn't that a lovely metaphor for an aspiring journalist like me?!) 

I never thought I would end up on the radio, but now that it has actually happened, I am really pleased. Even though I now have to get up around 5 o'clock in the morning to produce the morning show. FIVE IN THE FUCKING MORNING! God may have mercy on everyone who has to communicate with me at this hour...

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