5 things from the internet

Good stuff from the internet? Here you are, my little nerds and nerdettes. Enjoy!

1. This is awesome, ever though the guy talking is annoying as fuck (and the general style of the video as well.). But please keep watching this, because it is actually a really awesome idea.

2. Gosling's daily affirmations. Tacky? Yes! Still cute? Also yes.

(all the pictures are taken from here)

3. Here's why I love Diane Keaton. And I'm pretty sure, that you will now love her, too.

4. My prayers have been answered: Amy Poehler is about to release a book. Which - I'm pretty sure - will be awesome as fuck. 

5. Also, if you enjoy looking at attractive crotches, here is a little treat for you, right before your weekend starts. Don't overthink it, just look at these lovely bulges and think of better days to come...

And now, just get through the last few hours until it's officially allowed to day-drink and lie in bed all day. Have a nice weekend, you crazy party animals!

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