We're burning down the highway skyline // On the back of a hurricane that started turning // When you were young

I recently started reminiscing about a time, a few years back, when I worked as a DJ with my three best guy friends. We had a (fairly legendary, if I may say so...) party called Gute Musik, which was always very loud, very awesome and completely overcrowded.

I remembered the sweaty nights behind the turntables, the horrifying smell of the tiny club we were in, the cleaning at six in the morning, the heavy speakers we had to lift up two flights of stairs afterwards. I remembered all the people I met, the times we played Oasis' "Don't look back in anger" as the very last song of the night, and everyone stood on the dancefloor crying, hugging and making out. I remembered the piss-warm beer we drank, the crazy amount of cigarettes we smoked indoors and the broken toilets without any toilet paper. I remembered the times we were sitting at the door, close to tears because we were so tired and so drunk and just wanted to go home. The times with heartache and drama and hysterical fits of laughter. The times I stood next to the guys, Oasis welling up in the background, the crowd singing along so loudly that you couldn't hear the actual song and I remembered looking at my boys and thinking "This is what I will remember, when I think about my twenties."

It was the best, worst thing in the world.

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