Easter Sunday

So, it's been a bit silent on the blog for the past few days. My Easter weekend consisted largely of overeating with my loved ones and walking around outside. So, let's have a peek at my Easter Sunday.

Sorry for all the Instagram pictures by the way, I have bought myself a new camera (one that doesn't have the size and weight of a large brick...) and it should arrive today. Until then, it's good ol'-fashioned hipster phone photography.

Sunday started with a massive breakfast at my mum's best friends' place. My mum and her best friend share a house, which is awesome, since I get to see her family on a regular basis and we all grew up together, so they're a bit my family, too.

After breakfast (and patting the dog) we ventured outside to look for Easter eggs.

The guys weren't that much into it...

So they decided to awaken their inner lumberjacks instead.

When the sun came out, we decided to visit my mum's pony and take a little walk.

Back home, we really got hungry and spontaneously decided to have a barbecue. And we also had large quantities of chopped up kindling, so it was a win-win.

And then we had sausages and potatoes and grilled duck and drank beer. Lovely, lovely Sunday!

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