Who cares if hell awaits / we're having drinks at heaven's gates.

The festival is over. 5 days of crazy long work days, irrational boozing, meeting old friends and making new friends, taking pictures, forgetting to eat anything and smoking even though having the worst cold in the history of sickness. On Sunday - after 5 days with very little sleep and no rest - I kind of collapsed and spent my afternoon in a hot bathtub, eating a whole bag of salt&vinegar crisps (aaah, the joys of being an adult who gives zero fucks. Loving it.)

Now it's back to work and my regular life. It's two more weeks of my lovely internship and then some unknown future awaits. As usual I don't have a plan b (and no plan a, for that matter...) so we'll just have to wait and see what comes my way (if you know of anyone having a job for someone who's really good at pretending to be a journalist - let me know!).

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