Top of the Pops.

Ever wondered what you lot most like to read on this blog? Well, I have made a Top-5-List of the most clicked blog entries of the past year for you. You are up for a few surprises! (Well, at least I was...)

#5: The Quest for the Holy Grail

It must have been the pictures of me in all these jackets. Or you also really hate buying winter coats...

#4: Big lights will inspire you: My guide to New York

Going to New York all by myself was probably one of the best things I have done in my entire life. I'm glad to see you liked what I did there (which was mostly eating burgers and reckless money-spending)...

#3: Everything comes down to poo

I really love you guys for liking this one so much. Because I do, too. I really, really do!

#2: The Beeswax Tea Cup Candle

Well, there are still a few of them up for grabs on Etsy! Go for it, people! New stuff coming soon!

#1: "I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes!"

I certainly did not expect you love for Sherlock to be as big as my love for Sherlock! I mean - really! It was shared a lot and I still get comments on my love for Mr. Holmes. I also wrote about the final episode of the third season, which is - to this day - the best piece of television I have ever seen.

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