She said hold up I know your game // You want a paper doll that you can tame

Whenever I get slightly bored at work (which is never, of course...), I usually perk myself up with some nice music I find on Youtube. And now I'm gonna share that music with you. Because I'm just this really kind person, who wants you all to have a good time. Yes. Here we go.

Ed Sheeran feat. Passenger - No Diggity / Thrift Shop
There's something about Passenger that kinda makes me want to punch him in the face repeatedly and this cover version is so absurd and obvious at the same time, it had to happen on this crazy internet. But apparently this is my jam.

Portugal. The man - Hay bale sessions
I've been listening to this live set a thousand times and it's ridiculous how good it is. I know, it's like I'm obsessed or something...

Louis XIV - Paperdoll
Circa 2006, this record was my favourite, favourite thing to listen to. I actually bought it on Vinyl, just because I thought the cover was the definition of cool. I just rediscovered this and I have to say - 19-year-old me wasn't wrong about everything....

Jake Bugg - Like dreamers do (Beatles cover)
Is it wrong to fancy this boy? Because it does feel wrong. It really, really does. Even though he's over 18, and I've long ago learned that in that case anything goes, really. 
Anyways, he covers the Gods of music (on their home turf!) and not everyone gets to do that. But because he is so goddamn adorable, I'll allow it...

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