Live in dreams, Sunday girl.

As much as I love Fridays, I really hate Sundays. Nothing is open, everyone is either too hungover or too tired to do anything and the entire day is basically just one long, horrible built-up for Monday morning. So, I decided a while back to only do nice things on my Sundays. This weekend, I basically outdid myself.

My friend C. and I decided to have brunch at one of my favourite restaurants in this town. It's in the middle of the woods, on a hill above town, so you have the nicest view (which you can't really see in the picture above. Sorry 'bout that.)

They have this massive breakfast buffet, all-you-can-eat scrambled eggs and a bird of prey to watch over it all.

After we had devoured more food than strictly necessary, we decided to walk it off again. It was like 20 degrees outside and the sun shone bright.

We went to see old castle ruins.

And the first flowers were peaking out

It was crazy beautiful, and I really can't wait for spring to finally come for realsies soon!

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