Just one year of love.

Happy Monday, my lovely blog readers! I might already have mentioned it, but we are having a fairly special week in front of us. Next weekend, on March 15th, this lovely blog will be one year old! Can you believe it? This tiny little blog is already a toddler, sporting its first few teeth, crawling and eating carrot goo and all!

It all started with the idea that I wanted to do something that's all me and all mine. Which I did, still do and - most importantly - still love to do! Even though work has taken up a lot of my time lately, I still love to come home and think of cool new stuff to do on here. I love to present my favourite new tv shows, interesting things I have read or seen somewhere and I also enjoy showing you a few snippets out of my life.

So, I have some special things lined up for you. Most of it is still in planning, but I will fill you in on the whole shabang during this week. For now, let me just say - it will be awesomepants! And now for some music! Let's dance!

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