Got some money to spend, living for the weekend.

Since my neck is finally a bit better (Woot woot, don't want to jinx it, but man alive it's AWESOME!) I finally get to do stuff on my weekends again. This one has been a particular hit, so let's take a look. (Sorry for all the instagram pictures, but I lent my camera out to a friend, so my phone is the only camera I got for now...)

I mentally started my weekend on Thursday, even though I had to work on Friday. But a nice hot bath with a beer and a good book is probably the most luxurious, weekend-y thing in the entire world.

After work on Friday, my friend Nicole and I kicked the weekend off in style with an ice hockey match. How have I not tried this before? Seriously, I rarely had so much fun at any sporting event ever!

Here's us after the second beer. (Can you see all that excitement in my face?!)

Afterwards, we longed for the warmth of the most stifling, sticky club in town. There was some sort of 60s dance class in session when we arrived.

We acquired these. Yes - yours truly now knows how to dance the "mash potato"! And I look like a complete tit doing it!

Saturday was ridiculously warm, so I decided to hit the town.

Then I decided that simply taking a walk wouldn't cut it, and drove out to my mum's place. My dog was already chillin' in my mum's garden. I joined her.

We watched my mum do gardening work. From a lying position of course... And afterwards I went to an emergency-babysitting-session. Where I immediately raided that poor family's fridge and watched tv. Well done, me!

I also had a really lovely Sunday, but that is a story for another time!

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