Florence and the Washing Machine

DISCLAIMER: Guys, this is a fashion entry, so if you're a dude or you seriously couldn't care less, just go and have a beer and we'll talk real soon, mmkay? For all you others: AAAAHHH strappy sandals sunglasses dresses OMG OMG dresses make-up dresses sandals boys! Hooray!


Finally it came! My vision, my inspiration for the look I am going to rock this summer. Every spring I get a vision, like a weird superhero in a really bad television movie. I can see myself, sitting outside in the sunshine, my hair blowing in the mild summer wind, sunglass on my nose and wearing fabulous clothes. In my head I usually look a bit like Heidi Klum, but never mind that...

Now I finally had my summer-fashion-vision and apparently I am going for two things this summer: Becoming a Florence Welch lookalike and also going really 60s-Mod-Quadrophenia-girl.

Here are some items I seriously NEED to have. Like, right now. Anyone wanna help out a poor girl?

And my absolute favourite: Bubble-gum coloured platform heels. 84€ on Asos. Holy Moses, I really need those!

Ah, I also want everything out of the Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger Collection. Just in case anyone was wondering...

And last but not least: I discovered Polyvore yesterday (a thousand years after everyone else, apparently...) and made a collage of really pretty things. Man, I love the internet.

Summer festival style 2014

Skater dress
€20 - karmaclothing.co.uk

Summer romper
€12 - inlovewithfashion.com

Rampage mid heel wedge sandals
€28 - macys.com

ASOS pink handbag
€27 - asos.com

Kate Spade magnetic jewelry
€35 - katespade.com

River Island plastic glasses
€16 - riverisland.com

River Island hat
€34 - riverisland.com

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  1. I have a Speedqueen washing machine and I love it. We had a Bosh and hated it, less than 4 years after buying the Bosh we replaced it.