Five funny Friday funnies.

It's time for funnies on the blog! Because it's Friday! Hooray hooray, away we go!

1. 15 things that inevitably happen when you work in an office. Working in an office myself, I can tell you: It's all true. Eerily so...

2. It's a Japanese dude, pretending to be a turkey. Probably my favourite thing on the internet ever.

3. Amy Poehler doing what she does best: being hilarious. Oh Amy, I sure wish we could be besties...


Easily one of my favourite Instagram accounts: My Day with Leo. Someone is actually crazy enough to carry Leonardo di Caprio cut-outs in their purse around New York and then take pictures with them. Insanely awesome. 

5. A really mean, finnish magician makes dog treats disappear. Turns out, dogs aren't the brightest animals. Something I certainly knew about my dog, but I always figured that other dogs would be smarter...(my favourite part is at 0:33 when the dog's face is basically saying "Are you fucking kidding me?!")

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