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So, it's time for a list of something new: We've had documentaries that you absolutely need to see and I've badgered you about all the tv shows you have to watch. But now, we go for the hybrid of the two: documentary series. They have all the advantages of a series (more time for example) but are - in fact - documentaries. Here are a few, that you really, really need to see.

1. Stephen Fry in America - Mr. Fry is in my all-time wish-guest-list for an imaginary dinner party. He's also done a trip that I always, always wanted to do: He's taken a roadtrip through all 50 American states. In his black London cab. Simply put: Brilliant!

2. Comedians in Cars getting Coffee - Jerry Seinfeld picks up comedians and they drive somewhere to get coffee. Very simple concept, very funny show. My favourite episode is the one with Tina Fey of course, but the others are fairly funny, too.

3. The Getaway - You take a funny person and send them to a town they know well. They are going to show you the town and you are going to laugh until your funny bone breaks. It's the Getaway and it's hilarious!

3. Who do you think you are? - The classic. Famous people trying to find their roots by snooping around in their ancestry. There's a British version and an American version. Both have good episodes, both have really sucky episodes. I recommend the ones with actually likeable people. JK Rowling is lovely as is Kim Catrall and Jim Parsons. The first one I saw was with Stephen Fry. Lovely, lovely Stephen Fry.

4. Last Chance to see - Yeah, we're gonna stay on Stephen Fry a bit. Over 20 years ago, author Douglas Adams went on several trips around the world, together with a wild life photographer calles Mark Cawardine. They went to see animals that were endangered. Douglas Adams wrote a very touching and funny book about it, and it was made series for BBC radio. Now, Adams' best friend Stephen Fry is going on the same trips together with Mark Cawardine. IF you ever wanted to see a grown man being shagged by a fat parrot, this is clearly your show!

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