Blog Party

On Saturday I had the first birthday party for this lovely little blog. It was, in fact, the first blog birthday party I've ever been to, and after a while I kinda got the feeling that blog birthdays are not really a thing. Oh well, at least I gave my friends a reason to start drinking at two in the afternoon.

We had Cupcakes and booze. Glorious combination.

We celebrated in my friends' pretty pretty store, the nicest shop in this town. Woot woot!

Picture time.

Unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures. I guess, that's what happens when you start drinking heavily on an empty stomach around 2 pm. Nevertheless - the things I do remember are all together lovely and I want to thank each and every one who came and got drunk with me. You guys are all batshit awesome and I am crying a bit as I am writing these words. Thank you all very very much!

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