Blog Party

You should never need a reason to drink in broad daylight, but if you'd like one anyways, I have just the thing for you! Next Saturday, March 15th, we'll have a tiny bit of a birthday celebrational bash for this lovely little blog.

The festivities will be held in Freiburg's finest store: the Take Care Boutique. Starting around 3pm, I'll be there, having some bubbly, some cake and beer. And if you would join me, that would be awesomepants! Because otherwise I will have to drink and eat everything up by myself, and noone wants to see that...

So, in conclusion:

Time: 3-6 pm on Saturday 15th
Place: Take Care Boutique
Dresscode: Crazy hatmaker meets the Blues Brothers. Ryan Gosling meets Darth Vader. Or whatever you feel comfortable in.
Presents: I like cars. And diamonds. So a diamond car would be super.

Come on over, we'll get pissed together and it will be great! Woot woot!

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