Why I do not watch the Olympics.

There's been a lot of fuss about the Olympics in the past few months and most of it wasn't exactly great. There's been human and animal rights violations all over the place, from slavery on the construction sites to shooting stray dogs. And let's not forget how much dear old Vladimir loves the gays. But since the opening ceremony last Friday, those negative headlines have been drowned in a pool of "Aaaw, but look how pretty the figure skating costumes are!" and "Come on, don't be such a spoilsport, it's about the athletes!".

Let's put aside for a moment, that approximately 60% of the athletes are apparently cheating buggers and that the opening ceremony wasn't exactly great (2012 had James Bond saving the fucking Queen! And it had Paul McCartney in it! You can't top that Russia, no matter what you do!), I find it hard to enjoy athletic competitions, knowing full well that they are taking place in a country whose leader regularly locks up people he doesn't particularly care for, for no reason whatsoever. Who kills off journalists that get a little too nosy. Who basically is a Bond villian come to life.

(If you fancy getting yourself into a state of vicious outbreaks and boiling blood about this, I would recommend this lovely Vanity Fair article about corruption in Russia.)


I know that it doesn't make any difference, I know that neither Vladimir Putin nor Thomas Bach will cry themselves to sleep tonight, just because I won't support the Olympic Games in any sort of way. But I still refuse to watch something that supposedly promotes fairness and good sportsmanship, and still discriminates a large part of the world's population. No Putin, you still can't sit with us.

And also, Winter Olympics are kind of dumb anyways...

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