The wheels of the foodtruck go round and round.

I live in a fairly small town. At roughly 200.000 inhabitants, it's not exactly New York City, yet I do love it here. One of the things that really pisses me off though, is the absolute lack of good and new and fun ways to consume food in this town. You have endless coffeeshops and restaurants that serve uninspired, boring food and only very few who actually dare to be different.

Now, two very brave people (brave, because they dare to be creative in a country like Germany that has at least two laws, six regulations and about 34 requirements for anything!) have decided to start Freiburg's second food truck. Yes, that's right, my lovely town only has one food truck (that I only found out about a few weeks ago...), which serves (delicious!) tacos. But apart from that: Nada! Say whaaat?!

Since food trucks are seriously expensive, they decided to make the entire thing happen through crowdfunding. I love crowdfunding, because it's a lovely way to make things happen, even if you don't have the money. So, if you have a few too many bucks in your pocket, take a look at their video and donate a bit of money. It seems like such a lovely project!

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