Sandra's New Year's Resolutions


I know, January is over now, but last week I stumbled across lovely Sandra from niotillfem, who posted 45 New Year's resolutions she made. I loved them so much, I translated the whole shabang into English. I agree on every single one and should probably print out the whole list and pin it to my fridge. Right next to that picture of Ryan Gosling. 

Dear 2014,
I promise to:

Stand up and say no. 

Ask if I don't understand something.
Give more high-fives to people.
Try to read up on wars I don't understand.
Start conversations with strangers.
Read one book a month.
Explain calmly if someone doesn't want to listen.
Talk about, push and and hype sensible and smart women/girls/chicks/ladies. 

Pat as many dogs as possible.
Eat three things I have never eaten before.
Meet at least one new person.
Eat more spaghetti.
And fettucini.

And linguini.

Smile at hunch-backed old people on the street.
Water my basil every day so it doesn't crumple up and die.
Take the tube to some place I have never been before.
Only surround myself with lovely people.
Say thank you and goodbye to people who bring me down.
Not sleep with someone I don't want to sleep with.
Stop worrying about what other people think of me.
Not get worked up about unwashed dishes.
Not get angry about small things in general.
Say thank you so much at the grocery store.
Pause and think about why I feel sorry for myself when I feel sorry for myself.
Hang with my mum even more.
Pat more animals in general, not just dogs.
Not get pissed off during political discussions but instead try to understand.
Always say thank you and never no, stop it when someone pays me a compliment.
Always be outside as soon as the weather is nice again.
Make out a lot.
Have coffee with grandmum and ask her about how things were when she was young.
Not bitch about the weather so much.
Be attentive to my friends.
Take out my 18-year-old little brother and ask about the girl he is in love with.
Give longer hugs, at least for 2-3 seconds when you meet someone.
Not to compare myself to damn much with others.
Give more compliments.
Eat less meat.
Stretch my back.
See more film classics.
Question things.
Stop being afraid.
Dare to believe that I can do everything in the whole wide world if I really want to. 

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