Love Letter to the BBC

Dear BBC,

I'll just come right out and say it: I love you! I know you fired Moira Stuart for apparently being "too old" to be on television. You aren't perfect and I am sure, that there are things to improve - even in your sacred halls. BUT, there is one thing I am truly grateful for: You show me television shows that feature normal looking, average women. Some of them are thin, some are fat, some are bonkers, some have their shit together, but they are all lovely in all their diversity. And most of all: You show women, who don't look like models, who still find love and romance. Something completely unheard of in most American tv shows (For example: fat people in American television and films are only allowed to find love with another, equally fat, person. Or, you know, Jack Black.). So, I love you for that. And also, you are responsible for Sherlock and Doctor Who and so, so much more. Thank you!

A feminist tv nerd

(this one is actually based on Caitlin Moran's childhood, and I find it hilarious!)

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