Between the Beats

So, let's unashamedly and enthusiastically do a bit of advertising. My best mate organises his very own music festival for indie music. Last year was the first time that went down, and it was a huge success. I worked as the festival photographer, which was crazy awesome, because I got to hang out with bands (which is probably my favourite hobby besides stalking guys on Facebook...Just kidding.).

This year, it's going to be even awesomer (yeah, it's a word!), because there are at least three bands coming, that I am crazy excited to see live on stage!

For example the awesome Rifles...

... the even more awesome Spring Offensive...

...and Magic Arm.

Also - WhoMadeWho from Denmark are headliners and there are so so many others you need to see, too. Simply check out the festival's homepage and the Facebook page. And also - come! It's going to be brilliant, with music and booze and so many people having a blast.

These are some of the pictures I took last year.

So, make sure to step by. It starts March 20th and ends March 22nd and the tickets are ridiculously cheap. Seriously, it's a bargain if I ever saw one. (I'm really good at this advertising stuff, huh? So subtle....)

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