5 funnies from the internet

And I'm back on the sickbed. Lovely. It's my second day of being ill and since one person can only watch so many episodes of "The Office" in a row, I decided to look for other things to cheer me up. Seriously, what did we all do before the internet? Scrambling around in muck and filth and being bored out of our minds probably... Anyhoo, here are five funnies from all over the internet. Enjoy...

1. Reddit users were asked to describe their first sex with a gif. My favourite?

2. Hate Will Smith, love Jimmy Fallon, lovelovelove this.

3. When a guy with a beard is married to a photographer, weird things can happen. Weird-beard-situations can arise. And when it looks this good, who can really say what's weird and what's simply awesome?! Check it out!

(picture taken from here)

4. Having worked as a babysitter for almost 15 years, I love this: Reasons why children are crying. My favourite babysitter-kid-crying-story?! Once, one of my babysitter children cried, because the pizza we ordered had black olives on it. He wanted purple olives on his pizza. Purple! What a stupid little arsehole he was...

5. What can I say, I love BatDad. Even though I'm pretty sure that those children scarred for life...

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