3 things to make your heart go boing

"Boing", by the way, is a brilliant universal word for feelingsohsomanyfeelings. So, if you need a little pick-me-up on your Monday, here you go!

1. Didn't really get why she was so nervous. Five minutes in, I finally got it. ♥

2. I already told you about Theo and Beau, right? Well, now there's a video. I think my ovaries might just have exploded...

3. IT'S ONLY 48 DAYS TO GO!!! FORTY-EIGHT DAYS!!! And here's a new trailer. And I think the guy in the boat is Gendry, so... Awesomeness!

And, to leave you on an upbeat note, here's a fourth thing. Adorable kangaroos having really bad days.
You're welcome.

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