#TGIF: Listing Time


Got a few minutes to kill during your last lunch break before the weekend? How about you do some quiz lists? Like the ones below:

1. According to IMDB users, this is a list of the 250 best movies of all time. Now the question is: How many of them have you seen?! Turns out I have seen exactly 50 of them (yes, most of them were animated...).

2. This is a list the BBC made of 100 books. The good people who work at the BBC were convinced that the average person has read 6 of them. I have read 28, which made me feel enormously smug. Only to be brought down by....

3. ...this list of 100 world wonders and the question of how many of them I have seen. Two. Aaaand the smugness is gone. Bollocks.

(click picture for source)

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