#TGIF: 5 things from the internet

Happy Friday folks! Wanna see something that will make the weekend approach faster? Here you go, you poor ones...

1. Having a Sherlock screenshot of Sherly almost smooching Moriarty as my background picture on my mobile, I thought this article was extremely hilarious. On a related note - never google for pictures with the words "sherlock kiss". The results will terrify you!

2. Only three more days until the new season of Call the Midwife starts on BBC, and I found this Rednose Special clip from last year.Oh yeah, and it features Dr Who.

3. Alright, so there apperently is a show called "My Strange Addiction" on American television (because of course there is...) and the last episode featured a woman who is addicted to smelling and chewing dirty diapers. She is chewing - dirty diapers! (sorry, couldn't find it on Youtube, so you will have to watch it on Jezebel.) Also, I found an episode with the title "Eating my deceased husband", but I was to creeped out to watch it.

4.Finally someone who calls HBO on their weird double standards for nudity. Yeah, let's see some schlongs...

5. And for those of you who think I should blog less about tv shows and nerd stuff: here's something to read instead: My Pinterest board of favourite quotes.

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