Good morrow, nerds! Hope you have a lovely start into the new week. I have found something amazing on this internet, everyone keeps talking about.

Brilliant Annika Bäckström tipped her blog readers off about a wonderful little website called Retronaut. They have all sorts of old, weird, suprising and brilliant pictures on there. I already want to print out at least half of them and use the pictures as wallpaper in my entire flat. But instead, I collected a few of my favourites for you to look at and kill those first few working hours of the week. Here we all go.

George Harrison takes a selfie in India.

1930's nose jobs - before and after pictures.

John Cleese playing football on the set of The Holy Grail.

Charlie Chaplin without a moustache.

Cross-dressing David Bowie.

Kirk and Spock having lunch.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney doing the dishes.

Definitely check out this site. There are some incredible things to see and in any case it's a great way to kill a few minutes (hours).

(all pictures are taken from Retronaut. I do not own any of them.)

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