Nerd stuff I am seriously excited about.

Excuse me, but I am going to get my nerd on big time for a second. Who's with me?!

1. The new X-Men movie is coming out. Granted, I've seen the first two ones solely because I fancied one of the actors (no, not Hugh Jackman!) but after that, the story had me. I absolutely LOVED the first prequel and now there's a prequel that's also a sequel and all in between, because of time travel and alternate realities and stuff. And also: James McAvoy is in it. As is Nicholas Hoult. Whoop whoop! Awesomeness!

2. It's back. Only 74 days to go. Holy bejeezus, I am excited!

Aaaand, for those of you who want a bit more insight into the game of filmmaking: Here's a behind the scenes video from the set(s) of GoT. Shrreeeek!


3. Last weekend I bought the audiobook "Paddle your own canoe: One man's fundamentals for delicious living" by the very very funny Nick Offerman (or: Ron Swanson from Parks&Recreation on NBC). It's unbelievably funny and filthy and ridiculous and filled with stories about meat and mustaches. I can only recommend it to each and every one of you. I've never laughed so much whilst doing the dishes. Someone was actually weird enough to put it on Youtube, so you can listen to it here.

4. And, last but not least, something for the Downton Abbey fans around here.

5. One more thing: I'm not entirely sure if I have posted this before, but if the present-fairy is reading this: Could I maybe have that one? I'd only wear it indoors, I swear!


Have a good one you giant nerds!

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