My weekend according to my phone.

Soooo, I am back on the heating pad and the couch. After a hellish Sunday night (20 minutes of sleep in total...), i finally went to see a doctor who finally told me what was wrong with me (locked first vertrebra!) and that it's fixable with physical therapy, so that's a plus. 

Anyways, I had a quiet and lovely weekend before that Sunday night with satan, and thought I might share some pictures. Since my camera is really enormous, I don't always have it in me to take it everywhere I go. So I take pictures with my phone instead. Here is what my phone and I did this weekend.

My Friday evening started with two handsome studs named Ben and Jerry. Ate half of it before dinner.. (Alright, more than half. Shut up!)

After a long (!) breakfast on Saturday I went to town to get myself new shoes. I bought Nike Air's even though I am super-broke right now (but they are very comfortable and practical and good for your back and also I really wanted them!).

Walked by my favourite old house. I want to buy it, paint it a light shade of pastel pink, renovate it completely, move in with all my friends and have garden parties in the summer. 

I popped into my favourite shop to visit its lovely owners and got some champagne.

Then I bought this cardigan on sale. Did I mention I am superbroke?!

Went home slightly drunk and cross-eyed and spent a lovely evening on my heating pad (I am a hundred years old, in case you hadn't noticed...) with a massive amount of Pasta Carbonara. Booya!

My Sunday was really quiet (due to searing neck pain) and I spent it mostly on my mum's couch with our dog and a view of the fire.

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