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I know, it's a bit much with the Sherlock love on this blog right now. I know, there are other great things on television and believe me - I am watching those, too. I watch copious amounts of tv shows and films (something that might have come up before...), and I enjoy most of it thoroughly. But I will now make a statement you get to quote me on: I have never, in all my life, seen television as great as the last episode of this third season of Sherlock.

It was 90 minutes of absolute tv bliss, like a multiple orgasm for your brain. So exciting, I had to scrape my nailpolish off my nails with my teeth, so compelling that I had to cry at several points during the show. With plot twists so brilliant and unpredictable I had to stop and go back and rewatch certain scenes multiple times.

I do not want to take the joy of seeing it for yourself away from you (in case you haven't seen it yet, and if that's so: WHY NOT YOU STINKING IDIOT?!), so just let me say this: It has a twist ending, it has Sherlock kissing a woman, it has someMoriarty in it, weird dream-like sequences, a brilliant Danish supervillain, as well as Sherlock wearing a hoodie and being slapped in the face repeatedly and also a few scenes that just make you go WHATTHEWHO?!

So, if there is a TV God, he needs to know this: If the fourth season doesn't happen in early 2015, the BBC will have a riot on their hands. And I will stand on the forefront with a molotov cocktail in my hand, wearing a great, black, flapping coat and a deerstalker hat!

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