"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes!"


 +++ Mildest of Sherlock spoilers ahead +++ Actually, if you have eyes and you have seen the gif above, you're already in too deep. Sorry about that. +++

Last week it was finally time for the new episode of Sherlock, which I watched with one of my very best friends and a large bottle of red wine. I was so scared to be disappointed, after the brilliant second series and the "OHMYGODWHATHASJUSTHAPPENED"-finale two years ago, but let me just say: It was worth the wait. It had everything you could possibly want from television, it was fast and sexy and so, so stylish. It looked like a two hour long music video about London and Benedict Cumberbatch in a coat. It was really funny, it was really cheeky, it was really witty, it was really sad, it was - in short - everything and more. We actually screamed at the tv once and afterwards collapsed in a heap of uncontrollable laughter and a bit more screaming. Yes, I am talking about the Sherlock and Moriarty kiss. I am quite frankly surprised the internet didn't simply implode when that happened. We had to pause the whole thing to get more wine and resume normal breathing. (And now guess what my new desktop background on my phone is...)

I really do watch a lot of television, so I may consider myself a tiny bit of an expert when it comes to judging scripts, and I think I know genius when I see it. If you haven't seen the episode yet - I am officially jealous of you. Because you are in for 90 minutes of pure ecstasis! And I only have last night's episode to console myself. You lucky son of a bitch.

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  1. Oh ja, die erste Folge war genau richtig nach der langen Pause und ich fand's ziemlich genial, wie sie mit der Auflösung des Falls umgegangen sind und durch Anderson die Kritik der Fans schon vorweggenommen haben. Well played.

    Hast Du die 2. Folge schon gesehen?