Documentaries you need to see - Part 2

I got so much positive feedback the last time I recommended documentaries, that I decided to share a few new favourites with you. So let's rejoice in some television that actually makes you smarter...

The Cove
One of my best friends sent me a text that said "This dolphin documentary I was telling you about is on now. Go watch it!". I did and made that night the most tearful night I have had in a while. I cried my eyes out over this and I never ever want to see it ever again, yet it's the best documentary I have seen in the past few years. It documents the dolphin hunting culture of Japan, namely the big hunt that is going down once a year in a small town called Taiji. If you're a little squeamish when it comes to blood and dying animals, you probably should bring a pillow to hide behind, but absolutely go and watch it! It will actually change your life a little bit.

My fathers, my mother and me
I have an odd sort of fascination when it comes to weird cults, so I really loved this Austrian documentary. It's about growing up in a commune with no traditional family structures and being exposed to sexual harassment by the cult's leader. Painful to watch, really sad and still enormously interesting.

Plastic Planet
Oh god, just, please go and watch this one! You will never ever want to drink from a plastic bottle ever again. It's unbelievably shocking and horrifying and you need to see this film!!!

The Dream Share Project
A friend of mine told me to watch this one, since it's about two college students who have no idea what to do with their lives and end up on a roadtrip around the US, visiting people who made odd career choices. It's heartwarming and lovely and a bit like being on a roadtrip yourself. 

No Impact Man
How do you live without destroying the Earth?! Some New York City author tries to do that for a year, and with this decision he slowly drives his wife crazy. I laughed a lot during this one, but it's also compelling in a way that a lot of fingerwagging, "new age-y" documentaries aren't.

Have a very lovely Thursday, people. The week is almost over! Hooray!

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