5 things from the internet

It's a new week, so let's start it like we ended the last: with a list! Oh, how I love lists... Here we go!

1. "You can't beat a good selfie on Christmas Day" will be my new favourite comment on anything. I am so sure that I will get along with Will splendidly, once I married his brother and had some royal, ginger babies...

2. To start you off nicely into the new week: Here's my new favourite song.

3. Theo and Beau. Beau's mum takes daily pictures of little Beau taking naps with his best friend Theo. Theo is a puppy. Now go and watch the video, then take a look at the pictures and then die of cuteness.

4. This guy. Actually had the thought "Maybe one could become a lesbian?!" around one minute into the video. Right about the time he starts singing and then stripping. (It's actually quite an old video, so does anyone know if this is fake? Please, someone say it's a fake. I don't want to lose my entire belief system!)

4. If Game of Thrones characters were on the Jeremy Kyle show. Personal favourite: "You gave birth to a magical assassin made of smoke - are you certain it's mine?"

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