5 songs to brighten your day

Instead of funny clips of cats falling into bowls of pudding, we'll have a little music on the blog today. Because nothing picks you up like an awesome bit of music.And it's only a few hours until your weekend! Hooray!

1. Seinabo Sey - Younger /// Usually I'm not a fan of autotune, but goddammit this is one fantastic song!

2. Lily Allen -Hard out here /// I love me some feminist pop awesomeness from the glorious and bitchy Lily Allen. Pop love!

3.Spring Offensive - The River /// They almost can do no wrong in my ears (I've professed my love for their music before...). Can't wait for the entire album to come! 

4. MiMI - Don't you mourn the sun /// Her dad is a (horrible) German singer and that song was actually on a Twilight soundtrack. Both valid reasons to hate her music, but oddly I really love this song.

5. Mighty Oaks - Just one day /// I'll be damned - apparently there are decent German bands! Decent German folk bands! Of course they're from Berlin and superbearded and I also want to hit them in the face, but the song is really good.

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