"Wow, you feel like Marky Mark looks!"

Since I am still forced to lie on the couch all day, because my weird vertigo won't go away, I thought I would recommend a film for such occasions: The To Do List. I watched it last weekend and laughed pretty much the entire time.

The film centers around Brandy - a massive geek - who just wants to loose her virginity before she goes off to college. Only that her sister informs her, that that won't be enough. She needs to know everything about sex before she enters the wild college world. So she makes a good old-fashioned to do list. The climax (yes, pun intended!) to her list will be sexual intercourse with Rusty Waters, the most handsome man in town. At least that what Brandy plans.

I know it sounds extremely stupid and corny, but it is one of the wittiest and funnest films I have seen all year. The early-90s-aesthetics alone are reason to watch it. And Scott Porter from Hart of Dixie plays the heartthrob Rusty Waters. Oh yeah, and Donald Glover and Andy Samberg are in it as well. Plus, a million other great actors. Alright, just go and watch it, please?!

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