The Shoes of Winter

Sorry for the complete radio silence for the past days. I have been (still am, actually) really, really ill and wasn't really able to sit in front of a computer screen. Now that I am feeling slightly better, I thought I would just pop in to say a quick hello. And then back to my couch, my camomille tea and pretzel sticks. Yay winter (says no one!).

Since I sadly had to kick my beloved old winter shoes into the bin, I have been on the lookout for new ones since autumn. But only three weeks ago in Berlin did I stumble across these new ones. They are from Monki, they have massive platform heels and it feels a bit like walking around in skiing boots (quite fitting for winter, right?!). Also: They look like Anna Karenina but also like a heavy metal 90s rave, which I think is a brilliant combination!

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