Still breathing.


Whoa there, I am still alive. Sorry for the complete absence the past days. I spent my Christmas mostly lying on my mum's sitting room floor with a heating pad under my neck, and I lacked the will and the physical ability to get up and write something. My weird vertigo has gotten company by a blinding neck pain and since it's the holidays and nobody's working, I haven't been to see a proper doctor so far. So I spend my days lying on the couch watching television, which is kinda nice, but the afore-mentioned neckpain and vertigo are a bit of a downer...

I also have endless amounts of time to reflect on this past year, and to be honest, it's not exactly been one of my favourites. Maybe it's the weird last week of the year where everything looks a bit bleak, but I honestly did not like 2013 that much. It wasn't completely sordid, I had about 2 or 3 perfectly nice months, but the rest was bad internships and bad weather and endless rejected job applications and endless missed opportunities to do something wonderful and brave and crazy and awesome. Instead I stood and waited and did not make things happen.

So I try to come up with some nice things to say about this year, good New Year's resolutions and lovely things to write for this blog. In the meanwhile, I hope that you have a better time reflecting about the past 12 months. Maybe this was a year full of highlights and shooting stars for you? I truly hope so. And if not - welcome to the club, Honey!

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