I don't want a lot for Christmas.

You know what the most horrible thing about looking for Christmas presents is? To always find stuff you yourself would like to have. This is not only very greedy, makes you feel like a thoroughly bad person and is bad for your finances, but it's also dangerous when a little present from you to you is just a few clicks away...

Anyways, here are some incredibly brilliant presents I found on the internet. Collected, to give you a little inspiration as to what to get your dearest and nearest (and me.)

Just kidding.

Here we go.

This shirt was basically made for me. Also great for funny girlfriends, Ryan Gosling lovers (so, all womankind!) and your little sister. Available here.

Favourite-Town-Prints. I love the one for Stockholm, but they are also available for Dublin, Berlin, Rome, etc. Perfect for your boyfriend, who still considers a mattress on the floor to be a legitimate "bed". Available here.

Lovely nerdy print. For your best tv watching buddy. From here.

Kate Spade bracelet. For your fancy sister, your snobby aunt or your fashionista friend. Available here. (They usually have a sale of some sort going on, which makes it just affordable...)

Granted, I already have one of these, but man alive, the one with the superman logo is so much cooler! Also a great gift for that one completely shameless friend of yours or your weed-smoking slacker brother. Available here.

Feminist pillows. For that awesome, kickass feminist in your life. Here and also on sale.

This is not a sponsored post. I genuinely love all of the items above. So should you, by the way...

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