DIY Christmas presents: Clementine Jelly

The ultimate Christmas taste (and smell) is the taste (and smell) of clementines (also known as mandarine, tangerine or satsuma. A botanist could argue that those are all different fruits, but you know what I mean, so shut up!). 

Since one can only eat so many fruits until you get violently sick, about two weeks ago I thought about making some jelly of these wonderful Christmas fruits. It's ridiculously easy (took me about 30 minutes) and the result is seriously impressive. No more snide comments from your mother-in-law about your lack of cooking skills!

You need:
2kg clementines makes approximately 3/4 litres of juice
1 pack gelling/canning sugar
1 tsp. clementine zest
1 pinch of salt
5-6 jam glasses

First of all you need to sterilise the jam glasses. I simply put them in the sink and poured boiling water over them. Then I fished them out with tongs and let them dry off on a clean (!) kitchen towel.

Then you need to juice the fruit. I didn't have a juicer, so it was manual labour for me. Worth it though...

I poured the juice through a sieve into a pot and added the sugar and the zest. I then followed the instructions on the package, which said to boil the stuff for 4 minutes and then immediately pour it into the glasses.

Done. Look at them shine.

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