Christmas Movies

I have been sick for two whole weeks now. A circumstance I can only describe with one of my favourite words: preposterous! And quite annoying, too. The only perk of lying on the couch the entire day, is the crazy amount of time you have to watch tv. And to get me into the Christmas spirit, I have watched almost all of my favourite Christmas movies. Which helped. A little. Here are some of my alltime favourites, so you have something to watch over the weekend.

Love Actually

Basically the best Christmas film ever made (no, I am not joking!), which also features the only Sugababes song I genuinely like. I watch it every year with some girls, and I always cry. Not only at the end, but also a lot during the film. Especially during that scene with the signs and Keira Knightley. And when Joni Mitchell plays in the background, while Emma Thompson secretly cries in her bedroom. However, if you really really hate this film, I would advise you to read this enormously funny summary of hatred.

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Another sobfest. And I'm not even ashamed of it.

Murder She Said / Murder at the Gallop / Murder Most Foul / Murder Ahoy

Margaret Rutherford only played the part of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple in these four films, and I've watched all of them approximately a hundred times. My mum, my younger sister and I usually watch them together, everyone knitting something and eating Christmas cookies in our pyjamas. Not especially Christmas-y by themselves, yet they never fail to get me in the spirit!

Death on the Nile

Another Agatha Christie film, and this one has nothing to do with Christmas either. Starring the brilliant Peter Ustinov as master detective Hercule Poirot, it takes place mostly in Egypt, on an old-timey steamship on the Nile. When I was 15, I loved it because it is probably the most stylish crime film ever, today I can't believe just how awesome this cast is. Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith, Bette Davis, Angela Lansbury, Jane Birkin, Mia Farrow and so many more. To use the technical term - holy bejeezus!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Mostly because of the Oompa Loompas. Who are we kidding, they are the best part of the film, yes?!

The Muppets Christmas Carol




Charles Dickens meets Kermit the Frog. Unbeatable combination. (click the pictures for source)

Edgar Wallace Movies

  (click picture for source)

Alright, British people: You never believe me when I tell you, that you can do literally no wrong in Germany, because all Germans are inherently and inevitably in constant awe over your British coolness and swagger. And you, in your polite British ways alsways go "No, don't be ridiculous, we are not that cool! Really!". And then you saunter away in your Sgt. Pepper jackets and your Fred Perry boots. Well, here now is the ultimate proof for my theory: In the 1960s, the German film industry took it upon themselves to make Edgar Wallace crime novels into films. They took incredibly British crime novels and made them into fake-British films! What's that, if not pure adoration?!

They were shot in black and white, usually took place in a very foggy London and tried to be as British as Scones and tea with the Queen. But they were actually made in a Bavarian film studio, with an all German cast that had massive problems to pronounce names containing a "th". Roughly 32 films were made and they got crazy popular here (because of the afore-mentioned German love for all things British...). They starr the dashing young Joachim Fuchsberger as a police officer and Klaus Kinski (mostly) as a psycho killer (or a weird Butler. Or a deranged brother-in-law...) and they are usually broadcast every year during the Christmas holidays. Last year I watched fourteen of them in two days. Best Christmas mood elevator of all times!

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