Christmas is coming!

For years now, I have been making my own Christmas tree ornaments. Mainly because I like pretty boys. And I am a massive nerd. To have them decorate my Christmas tree, I invented the "hunky hunk tree ornament", and boy, are those popular! This year I have come to the point of having way to many ornaments of "regular" guys, so I thought I would freshen the whole thing up and go for a Game of Thrones theme (I do that with a lot of stuff lately...). So, let me present:

The DIY Men Of Game of Thrones Christmas Tree Ornament

You need:
powdered sugar
food colouring (optional)
pictures of hot men (or hot women, or baby unicorns or whatever you want hanging on your tree)

You start with laminating the pictures. Luckily, my mum has laminating gear, but any copyshop can help you out as well. You then cut the pictures out.

Tape some string on the back. I use regular scotch tape. 

Whip up the egg whites and slowly (!) add the powdered sugar. You don't want to create something delicious here, you want to create something that will superglue an elephant to the ceiling! So be generous with the powdered sugar! I used four packs on five egg whites! Put it in an icing bag and make a small slab on a baking sheet.

Now put the picture on top of it and gently press it down, until the icing comes out on all sides of the picture.

Now add the edging.

Put the entire thing in the oven, around 50°C. Don't let it get too hot or the laminated pictures will melt!

I don't have recirculating heat, so I simply wedge a potholder between the oven and the door to let the air circulate while the ornaments dry.

After a while (approximately 2 hours) you can flip the ornaments. But be careful: If you flip them too soon, they will break apart, like the one in the top of the picture. No Khal Drogo ornaments this year, I fear...

I usually let them spend at least one additional night on the heater as well. And then they're done. Lovely, lovely men of Westeros.

And guess who'll be hanging on my tree this year... Whoop whoop!

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