Christmas Countdown Crazy Booya Booya Extravaganza.


So, it's Christmas soon. Like, really, really soon. I already put up my Christmas decorations and made gingerbread. So now it's time to make this blog look a little more like the holidays and get you in the Christmas spirit. Ready?

1 Let's start with some funny, funny Christmas prank for you.

2 Now, let's hear some Christmas music...

3 The recipe to the world's best gingerbread.

4 The new John Lewis Christmas ad about a bear and a rabbit. To use the technical term - "Aaaawwwwww."

5 It simply keeps on giving: Elf yourself!

6 The best of all the Christmas related Youtubeclips. Because it features Ryan Gosling. (Sorry, can't put it on here, Youtube won't let me...)

7 So, let's talk fashion: I am going to rock an ugly Christmas jumper this year. Booya!

8 Still not in the spirit? This oughta do it. Also great for sudden surges of 80s nostalgia...

9 Here are some helpful decoration tips.

10 And if really nothing at all gets you all Christmas-happy, there is always this to look forward too.

11 I mean....SHERLOCK! Even if you hate Christmas, this is reason enough to count down the days. Martin Freeman with a moustache! Benedict Cumberbatch alive and well! All is well with the world, as far as I'm concerned here... Thank you BBC!

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