A Weekend in Berlin

I spent the weekend in Berlin, visiting my two sisters and going Christmas shopping. Although I ended up buying only stuff for myself (I will probably be reborn as a toilet brush!) and three days are way too short, when you have about 20 people you want to hang out with, and who all live in Berlin, it was lovely anyways! Unfortunately I couldn't take my camera along (I really need to get a smaller one...), but I took a lot of pictures with my phone. Let's have a look.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon and got picked up by my little sister, with whom I spent a relaxed evening in her kitchen.

My Friday started with a great breakfast and a walk with my big sister.

My little sister joined me in a massive shopping bonanza around the entire town.

Around five in the afternoon, I was so beat, that I could barely stay awake. Luckily my genius sister had plans to cook us a feast that night. Lifesaver! We ended the night with cold beer and nerdy talking topics.

On Saturday we went to get some breakfast at Café Datscha, a Russian café in Friedrichshain (Massive recommendation!).

The food was so good, we tried to eat it all. Impossible. Still worth trying, even though we felt like throwing up for the next few hours...

We planned to walk the calories off, by trying to hit all the good vintage stores and thrift shops I had heard so much about. Unfortunately, a lot of them had either moved or closed down, so we only found a few and those were not that well organized. All in all a fairly disappointing shopping spree.

In the evening my sister and her friend went to a concert and I met up with an old friend to get some drinks.

And on Sunday morning I got up around 5.30am, took a train back home and then went to my mum's Christmas tea party. But that is another story...

Hope you had an awesome weekend, too!

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