5 things about 2013

Aaah, reviews of the past year. They are all around us. And so we indulge in some internet flashback 2013 extravaganza bonanza and enjoy the funniest, catchiest and weirdest stuff of this year's flashbacks. And some Christmas stuff as well...

1. The most popular songs of this year, all mashed up into one big megasong. Full disclosure: I love it. Massively.

2. The most important animal cuddles of 2013. Essential.

3. Another musical item of this year's flashbacks list: Misheard lyrics of songs that came out this year. Bake that bunny, watch it burn!

4. The winner in the category "Most starstudded music video of the year" is definitely this one by Paul McCartney (brilliant song too, by the way...). I mean ... MERYL IS IN IT! MERYL!

5. And here's the most important bit: A list of TV Christmas Specials! Downton Abbey, Call the midwives, Doctor Who, everything you would want to watch around Christmas! And, as a special bonus: A comedy by David Walliams (the skinny one from Little Britain) starring Miranda Hart and Robbie Williams! Booya and thank you BBC!

Alright, lovely blog readers, have a wonderful Christmas! May your turkey be juicy and your presents be exactly what you wanted them to be! Hooray! 

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