Every year I make a list. What was good? What was bad? What was funny? What was sad? This is 2013. Enjoy.

travelled: Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands.
ate: Copious amounts of macarons and fried onion rings.
drank: Champagne and red wine at every chance I got. I also had a beer with Wallis Bird, and Gin & Tonic with The Whip.
listened to: Jake Bugg, Doc Watson, Bruno Mars and Swedish hip-hop.
read: All the Game of Thrones books.
watched: Game of Thrones, Parks & Recreation and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.
walked: Everywhere.
drove: 1600k on my own to Sweden. 
ran: Through Swedish woods. Started running in May, was able to run 3k by August. Then my knees blew out and I had to stop. Now I pant when I climb a staircase.
sang: Loudly, proudly and completely out of tune.
made: A ridiculous amount of party banners.
cried: At a good friend's wedding, about my shitty intership, about the death of a person I admired, during the "Red Wedding" episode of GoT and during the lowest moments of my vertigo attacks.
laughed: Almost daily. Once I laughed loudly with my mouth open, some food fell out and on the floor, where my dog ate it. I believe this is why I am single.
met: New and old friends, interesting people I liked and completely uninteresting and boring people that terrified me to my very soul.
lay down: On my favourite beach in Denmark, in the green grass in Sweden and on a couch in a nightclub, because I had to put my feet up. Red wine will do that to you.
danced: Like a maniac during a concert of The Whip.
stood: Next to a guy I liked and sadly did not kiss him.
lost: A little weight. Some people I wanted to stay in contact with.
gained: A little weight. Also: A brilliant red wine drinking companion that became one of my closest friends this year.
best moment: Dancing in my living room, wearing a bridesdress, piss-blind drunk on cheap red wine and surrounded by awesome, funny, insane people.
worst moment: Being stuck in an internship that sucked the will to live out of me and having to listen to a dumb-ass employee make batshit racist remarks about someone. Sadly I did not beat that person senseless with a baseball bat.
funniest moment: Dancing around a 10cm high Midsummer pole with people I met two hours before, whilst singing traditional Swedish songs about frogs and bunnies.
best concert: Jamie Cullum. For the third time
created: A lot of dishes involving goat cheese.
destroyed: My illusion of being some sort of journalist wunderkind that has a career path straight as an arrow.
done for the first time: Started to blog, went to a Holifestival and threw coloured powder into the air, went to a festival for redheads and helped break a world record, been to the emergency room, went to church hungover (and probably still a bit drunk).
done for the (hopefully) last time: Said nothing when I really should have said something. Also: Said something, when I really should just have shut up.
something new: My car, my newfound ginger pride, my collection of wedding dresses.
something old: My life is still a mess. But I start to be really okay with that.
what I was thankful for in 2013: That there are people in my life I care about, that care about me and that all these people were healthy and happy. For all the time we spent together, I am deeply grateful.
what I want for 2014: A job, a boyfriend, many adventures, a trip to NYC and lots of health and happiness for me and everyone I love and care about. 

I hope you have a great new start into the new year. May all your New Year's wishes come true!

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