What I've been up to lately.

I had a lot of stuff going on last week, and it turns out: this mad ride will continue until Christmas. Which is awesome. Because oh so many fun things at once. Yay!

On the Sunday before last, I went to see Jamie Cullum (for the third time) and took some pictures. I also wrote an article about it, which you can read here (in German). (And the picture above is certainly not one of the good ones, but he was basically giving me the GANGSTA sign directly into the camera, so I had to put it up here!)

I have also decided to bring back (don't even know if they've ever been here?!) sweaters with cute animals on them. The one with the bear is from H&M (men's wear), the bunnies are from Monki.

Speaking of fashion: I also had a lovely chat with German fashion blogger Jessica Weiß about blogging as a profession and her very successful career. It came out in the paper on Thursday, along with short presentations of three plus-size-fashion blogs and a streetstyle picture that I took. So basically, the whole page is done by me and I toasted myself with a glass of red wine that night. Yay!

You can read the online version of the interview here

The first Etsy orders have shipped out, and I had to stock up on new stuff for the shop. The tea cup candles were nearly sold out, but I have replenished my stock this weekend and added some nice new stuff. For example: beeswax candles in vintage champagne glasses. Holla!

I also started decorating my flat for Christmas because it's only five weeks away and I am completely bonkers for Christmas! If you care for more weird Christmas videos and pictures, you should follow me on Instagram.

This week I will work, write some stuff, go to Berlin to visit two of my three sisters, shop myself silly and finally finish my book on the 7-hour-train-rides back and forth. Hooray hooray!

Have a good start into your week!


  1. Cute Etsy Products and good interview with Jessica Weiß!
    I'm working on a research paper and might use something from the interview.

    Thanks and have a look at my blog :)

    xx Minh

    1. thanks love! that's really sweet of you! ♥