We could be heroes, just for a day.

One of the motto parties that definitely have to happen someday, is one called "Childhood heroes".The only reason I have not yet thrown one of those, is the impossible catch 22 situation I would find myself in. There are just too many choices. Who the hell would I pick?

Jake and Elwood Blues


My father made me watch "Blues Brothers" more times than I strictly cared for when I was little. I didn't understand that film at all, but it was two funny men in a car and they had adventures and my dad laughed a lot, so I laughed as well. And no matter what was on - even shit on tv was better than no tv, so I took it.The only scenes I genuinely liked was the one with Ray Charles in it and all of the music bits.
Still, those two men in suits and Ray Ban glasses have formed my youth more than I would ever have anticipated. And quoting lines from that movie is a brilliant party trick!

(in case you ever wondered, I borrowed most of my outdated dancing moves from John Belushi...)

Dr. Frank-N-Furter


Another thing I have to thank my dad for. When I was about 13, he took me to a cinema in Munich which is an exact replica of the film set of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". A film in which a bisexual transvestite alien from a planet called Transsylvania tries to celebrate some sort of drugged up orgy in a house in the woods. Solid parenting dad, solid parenting....
And to complicate the matters even more, little me weirdly fell for Dr. Frank-N-Furter, said transvestite alien, played by Tim Curry. Not exactly the thing an already mildly confused 13-year-old needed...

Pippi Longstocking


Oh Pippi, you have done so much for little ginger girls all around the world. You had a horse and a monkey and countless gold and two best friends who lived next door. I repeatedly tried to sleep with my feet on my pillow and my head under the blanket, but had to accept that it's a wildly uncomfortable way to sleep.

Indiana Jones


Well, I guess he was anyone's childhood hero, right? I mean, he was played by Han Solo (for some time during my childhood I actually believed this to be the case. That Han Solo had somehow gotten tired of Leia and travelled back in time to be Indy. I wasn't the brightest child...) and he had a hat and a whip and James Bond was his father. How cool can it get?!

Who would your hero be?!

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