Throwback Thursday: The kind of person I was when I graduated.

I recently found our last school yearbook. It was made just for our graduation and contained "funny" stuff about everyone I went to school with. I had forgotten a lot of things about that period of time, but the picture above and some descriptions of me by others sent me right back.

Apparently I...

- was perceived as a danger to myself and others when seated behind a steering wheel.

- planned to learn playing the drums (that's apparently why I am holding drumsticks in the picture!). Needless to say, I have never played the drums in my entire life.

- thought my favourite outfit, consisting of super-high sneakers, a homemade band shirt and my 5€ H&M skirt was as good as it can get.

- was described as "shopping addicted" by close friends.

- won the competition of "Who's the biggest chav?" as well as the competition of "Who thinks they are the centre of the universe?"

-  had a fairly relaxed attitude about school and homework. (Alright, I still remembered that one...)

Aaah, school. Fun times.

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