Saturday Fun List

I nicked this Friday questionnaire from Sandra's blog and made it into a Saturday questionnaire. Or, you know, a weekend questionnaire. So - in honour of last night - here's to running into old friends, making new friends and the fun we all have when someone gives us a lot of booze and some decent music.
And now shush! Mommy has a headache...

When did you last dance the shuffle?
I'm not big on dancing reeeeally close to other people. I'm more into "funny dancing".

A song that gets you into the weekend mood instantly?
"Don't stop me now" by Queen. A brilliant group of people once spent a New Year's Eve dancing on my couch to this.

Best party ever?
A mixture of every party my old flatmate and I had during the first two years of university.

A drink recipe that always works?
Vodka, Ginger Ale and lemon juice.

Worst afterparty memory?
When I worked as a DJ with my three best guy friends and at 5 in the morning, when the party was finally over, we had to get all the decorations down, clean up and then schlepp the heavy speakers up two flights of stairs to put them in the car. THE. SOULSUCKING. WORST.

Youtubeclip you have to see at the pre-party?

Ever lost some clothes during a party?
Countless scarves, cardigans and gloves. Once a single sock.

Weirdest festival memory?
On my first festival you always had to take different routes to the toilets, because there were guys who would tie you to an office chair and then force-feed you the contents of their beer bong. Also: Eddie Argos from Art Brut once walked past me and my friend whilst we were drunk-eating a burger. He did not wear any shoes but blue and red socks and wished us a happy meal.
My best festival memories mostly happened in the backstage/press area of Peace&Love Festival though. Once, Mr. Mumford offered me his sincere condolences when Germany lost to Italy during the last Europe Football Championships. I also saw Skrillex dance enthusiastically on a rooftop while Rihanna sang about umbrellas.

Unbeatable night food?
Fried anything. Mostly fried onion rings.

Best topic to talk about with the cabbie on your way home?
"Who was the worst person you ever had to drive somewhere?" "Did anybody ever throw up into your cab?" (Best answer to that: "No, but once a guy pissed himself, right where you're sitting now!")

A dancemove that works every time?
The Sprinkler.

When is it time to go home?
When all the cute guys are taken. Or when they're out of booze. Or both.

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